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Июня 2016
Portorož Marina is located not close to airport.. You can get there from Rijeka, Pula, Ljubljana, Trieste and Venice. The charter management kindly helped us to organize a transfer from the farthest airport - Venice (280 euro for car for 8 person) and road was take 2:30 hours. Check-in was very fast and easy. I took at an extra cost motor for dingy, sets of towels and extra sets of bed linen (because we are not going to wash them on the way). We wanted to go to Italy and Croatia, the tranzitlog price includes a paid permit to travel to Italy and Croatia. The charter manager explained to us where and how to clear customs when leaving the EU zone. To purchase products in the marina there is a small shop. Another large supermarket has a 10-minute walk from the marina. We went there by taxi. About boat: Very good sails. From 10 knt by the wind I taked 6 knt by log. More interestin is wind from 12 to 20 knt. Unfortunately we had a little wind. Very good engine. We often use the engine, but it burned for 2 weeks only about 110 liters of diesel. Wi-fi on the board included (but work only in Pyran bay and Croatia beacose of croatian operator). You can use the sim-card of Italian or Slovenian operator with same equipment (if you understand how it work) for permanent wi-fi on the board. Flaws: Be careful! The deck in the cabin has 3 levels. Because of this strange design feature one of our crew member of a sprained foot. The yacht has 2 chartplotter in the cockpit. This is new chartplotter Raymarine, but occasionally chartplotter freezes. I had to overload the card (to open another type of card and come back), that he resumed to display real position of the boat. It did not happen often, but sometimes in the most unfitting moment. More focused on the surroundings not only on chartplotter. Check-out on Saturday only from 8 to 9 ам. If you have an early flight on Saturday or Friday, to negotiate with the management of the charter in advance of check-out on Friday. We barely had time to our plane. About water area: In this area frequent tides, more than 2 times a day with a large vertical drop. Most mooring is on brikoli (large wooden pillars standing at the beginning of the mooring place). In narrow marinas it requires special care and using of bowtruster. Also be careful when entering and exiting the marina during low water periods. Stay fairway otherwise you can put a yacht on a bank. Especially on the Italian side. One of the interesting places I can recommend Piran, Grignano, Grado, Caorle, Chioggia and Venice of course.
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